DEG Engineered Floor

American Architecture Prize Engineered Floor
DEG Engineered Floor bring the most natural beauty to your home. DEG Engineered Floor is selected to install in Siri House project, the winner of American Architecture Prize 2017 in Architectural Design / Residential Architecture category.  
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E-0* Floor leading innovation gives your loved more healthy. Production with Germany Knowhow under Floor Score and JAS Standard.

Touch real wood surface with beautiful hard wood look. Taste in your nature style. DEG Engineered Floor structure is based on long-term durability and stronger with no twisted.

*E-0 is Premium Environmental protection standard that will release formaldehyde emission less than 0.5mg/L, the E0 board can be directly used for indoor plate.
We provide this E-0 Engineered Floor for the customer's option. The customer can select E-0 for their option to scale up the healthy quality of life.

Engineered Floor size
• 14/3 x 90 x 450 - 900 mm
14/3 x 125 x 900 mm
• 14/3 x 125 x 1200 mm
**The size is up to the colors. Ask more information from PLT IMEX


Product Description

DEG Engineered Floor Benefit
Bring Nature to your home
• E-0 Premium Healthy Engineered Floor 
UV Acrylic Lacquer 8 Layers

Sturcture Stable, not warp or budge
Hard to expanding and shrink comparing with real wood and solid
• Can be sanded & refinished

• Floor Score & JAS Certified