• HARO AC6 Hybrid Engineered Floor

    New Innovation of Wood Floor
     Strongest Hybrid Floor at class AC6
     Wider 24.3 cm and longest​ 2.2 m.  Less joints comes with natural grooves & Add the ultimate luxury to your home.

     Easy to maintain by High Moisture protected AquaReject Coreboard W0-1(DIN 18534)

  • DEG Engineered Floor

    American Architecture Prize Engineered Floor
    Engineered Floor bring the most natural beauty to your home. The Selected Engineered Wood Floor for the winner project of American Architecture Prize 2017. E-0 Floor leading innovation gives your loved more healthy. Production with Germany Knowhow under Floor Score and JAS Standard.
  • DEG Laminated Floor

    Activate Your Life
    DEG Laminated Floor has the surface with more strong and durable German Technology Floor. Already pass Certified Test from from Leading Institue.  
  • DEG AQUA SPC Floor

    New Innovation of SPC Floor 
    DEG AQUA is the Luxury SPC (Stone Plastic Composite) and WPC (Wood Plastic Composite) floor which evoluate and improve material from traditional LVT. 
  • DEG Wood Vinyl Floor

    Soft & Durable
    DEG Wood Vinyl Floor has the soft touch but strong and durable from scratch and impact. Provide in Dry back and Click Series