HARO AC6 Hybrid Engineered Floor

New Innovation of Wood Floor

 Strongest Hybrid Floor at class AC6
 Wider 24.3 cm and longest​ 2.2 m  Less joints come with natural grooves & Add the ultimate luxury to your home.

 Easy to maintain by Hybrid High Moisture protected AquaReject Coreboard W0-1(DIN 18534)

Technical Data
Level of use : 23/33
• Abrasion class : AC6
• Impact class : IC3
Friction Received Standard : Grade 5

• Antistatic class : ASF2
• AquaReject Core Board with standard W0-1(DIN 18534)
Size 8 x 243 x 2200 mm
Warranty 25 Years for residential area
• Warranty 10 Years for Commercial area



Product Description

  •  Brand quality – Made in Germany 100%
  •  The most beautiful wood styles from the parquet specialist
  •  Especially healthy living, good for Older, Children and Allergic – certified by the Blue Angel 
  •  Wide selection with six designs and nine different surfaces
  •  Easy to install thanks to Top Connect
  •  High-quality finish
  •  Outstanding visual impact
  •  Excellent price/performance ratio
  •  Dimensionally stable and high precision fit
  •  Suitable for use with underfloor heating
  •  Antistatic
  •  Extremely scratch-resistant
  •  Resistant to fading under UV light
  •  Dirt-repellent and easy to maintain
  •  Double moisture protection with aquaTec system
  •  Abrasion resistant
  •  Hardly inflammable (Cfl-S1), tested under DIN EN 13501-1
  •  Impact and dent resistant
  •  Resistant to cigarette burn marks
CE labelTop Connect installation system Lock Connect Plus installation system  HARO brand quality Made in Germany Blue Angel eco label